13 Facts about Invisalign and things to Remember!

invisible braces in delhi

1. Invisalign is an American company that makes clear aligners or invisible braces for correcting malaligned or crooked teeth.

2. This treatment is for everyone, age is not a factor when considering this.

3. It is very comfortable, there are no wires or brackets involved in this.

4. Also, the biggest advantage is that these are removable and can be removed for 4 to 5 hours in a day.

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No More Ugly Braces!

Braces treatment in Delhi

So as a practising dentist in Delhi, I often hear this when I recommend orthodontics correction to my patients. Or even those who come for braces treatment to our clinic in Delhi wanting Orthodontic Therapy or braces often have this dilemma.

“Doctor I want to fix my teeth or correct my smile but Please!! I don’t want those ugly fixed brackets on my teeth”. Over time we get a lot of adult patients who are married or working and want to get their teeth fixed. They are always looking for an aesthetic option, wherein no one is aware that they are undergoing the treatment.

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5 Oral Healthcare Tips

5 oral healthcare tips

These are five things you can do for yourself that works wonders for your Mouth!!!

1. Brushing twice a day: This is the golden rule of maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing well with the correct brush and a good toothpaste using the correct technique is of utmost importance. A lot of my patients ask me “ Is it mandatory to brush twice a day or rather do I need to brush in the night? In fact, it is more important to brush at night than morning, because when we sleep over 7 to 8 hours, our mouth drives out. This creates an ideal situation for cavity formation, dental decay, and gingival inflammation.

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Brushing can be Fun kids!

Brushing twice a day is the cornerstone of a home care regimen for every individual. It is very important to incorporate this habit in kids from an early age. Parents should encourage their children to start brushing and flossing regularly so that it becomes a part of their daily routine.

For some reason, young children sometimes do not take well to brushing. There could be various reasons for this like: cold water touching their teeth, the taste of the toothpaste or just a matter of getting into a routine.

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Is Pacifier Habit Harmful For Your Child

bigstock Close Up Of Newborn Baby

This is a common question I have faced over the years as a dentist. Young parents often have the following concerns:

Should I give a pacifier to my crying child?
For how long can my child use the pacifier?
Will it affect his/her teeth?
Will the affected teeth correct itself?
Will it affect the shape of the jaws?

Pacifiers can be very soothing for a small child, especially a colicky or cranky baby. There are certain benefits of using a pacifier for a small baby if certain guidelines are followed:

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Orthodontic Appliances You Must Know About

Orthodontic Appliances

An orthodontist is the Architect of a confident and winning smile!

Orthodontic treatment includes proper alignment of teeth to enhance the appearance as well as functionality. Also, this contributes to overall good oral health. Proper teeth alignment can be achieved using orthodontic appliances. A large number of adults are realising that investing in an orthodontic procedure can reap multiple benefits, socially and professionally. Also, modern orthodontic appliances are hardly noticeable and designed to provide a better choice. Consult Dr. Gargi Kandhari, the Best Orthodontist in Delhi for apt results.

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Paediatric Dentistry: Help Your Child Flash A Smile

Paediatric dentists in delhi

Having sound oral health at an early age leads to lesser complications in the future!

Paediatric dentists play a significant role in maintaining teeth and preventing tooth decay among kids (babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers). Dr. Gargi Kandhari, the best Paediatric Dentist in Delhi, has a well-equipped and very child-friendly clinic. Also, the staff is trained in pharmacological behaviour management.

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Oral Care for Diabetics

Oral Dental Care

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders in which either the body does not produce enough sugar controlling hormone or is not able to use the sugar controlling hormone in the body. This leads to high blood glucose or sugar levels.
Diabetes and oral health are very closely related and form a vicious cycle. Some of the common oral conditions associated with high blood glucose levels are:

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I Want White Teeth!!!

white teeth treatment in delhi

As my first blog, I felt nothing can be a better topic to start with. As a dentist, this is the most frequently asked question by patients. Firstly what I would like to highlight is that teeth whitening, bleaching or brightening can be done for most patients but not all. There are many different types of whitening therapies or techniques available to us today.

There are also many over the counter products which claim to whiten teeth. These need to be used over a period of time continuously. These are various whitening toothpastes and gels.
I for one do not advocate the use of these products as the peroxide content in them, which is the main ingredient is not strictly regulated. Also, long-term indiscriminate use of these pastes can lead to weakening and chipping of enamel. Continue reading “I Want White Teeth!!!” <span class="meta-nav">→</span>

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