General Dentistry

Dental checkup or examination

A regular dental checkup every 6 months is of utmost importance for both adults and children. This prevents dental problems and issues in the long run. Any minor tooth decay or cavity can be identified at the earliest and treated. Also, any other oral problems in the gums, lips, tongue, or other tissues can be checked and treated at the earliest during the checkup.

For kids, it is a good idea to visit a dentist from an early age as this prevents fear and apprehension in the child’s mind regarding dental treatment. This also helps the dentist to keep an eye on the growth and development of the jaws and teeth. This also helps the dentist to do an early intervention if needed for the child.

Dental Fillings

A dental filling entails removal of decayed tooth structure in a sterile environment and restoring it with a tooth colored or medicated filling. This is of utmost importance as dental caries is like an infection in the tooth that needs to be treated and filled at the earliest to prevent spread of infection.

It is necessary to get the filling done when needed at the earliest. This can prevent further pain and discomfort in the tooth at a later stage. If the filling is done on time, it can prevent even a root canal treatment, which is needed once the infection spreads to the nerve or pulp of the tooth.

Hence, neglecting your oral health and not going to the dentist at the correct time the root of most dental problems.

Cleaning and Polishing

This is also known as oral prophylaxis and is the cornerstone of good oral health and a healthy mouth. Most dental problems like cavities, gum infections, dental pain and loss of teeth arise from the lack of regular dental cleaning and polishing.Lack of adequate cleaning, over time can lead to a vicious cycle of damage. It starts with gingivitis or gingival inflammation which can worsen quickly. In worse case scenarios, it leads to pocket or gap formation between the gums and teeth which can lead to food impaction and halitosis and the further worsening of the situation.This forms a vicious cycle for the health of the teeth and gums. This further leads to periodontitis or inflammation of the periodontal ligaments and gum recession. In this condition, the ligaments which hold the teeth in place get inflamed and thus causes migration of the gum line. This further leads to exposure of the roots of the teeth and sensitivity that is when the patient complains of the pain or stinging sensation on consuming anything hot or cold.Over time this condition can lead to mobility or movement in the teeth and eventual loss of natural teeth. An infected or swollen gingiva or gums can further lead bone loss and loss of vertical height.


Oral prophylaxis consist of an ultrasonic tip that vibrates on the teeth, with a copious flow of water. This dislodges the calculus and plaque deposits on the teeth and cleans the tooth surface. We use fine metallic scaler tips which can go under the gum line and into the smallest of the spaces between and around the teeth.This ensures that all the surfaces and corners are free of plaque and tartar, thereby eliminating the source of infection from the mouth. The type of prophylaxis depends on the deposits and the condition of the periodontium.
We do supra gingival cleaning for most patients with mild to moderate gingivitis and for cases with periodontitis where the infection has spread deeper in to the ligaments and bone a deep subgingival cleaning and root planing is done.In most cases this is a single appointment procedure unless the deposits are very heavy and the patient complains of discomfort and sensitivity. In that case we divide the procedure into two sittings.The cleaning is often followed by polishing which involves a polishing paste and a rubber cup used to Smoothen the teeth surfaces and to give a good finish.


Professional cleaning and polishing done every six months has several advantages like:

  • The overall health of the teeth and gums are maintained.
  • Any cavities or decay can be arrested at the earliest to prevent further worsening
  • Prevents gum disease, bone loss and tooth loss in the long run.
  • Prevents hypersensitivity and discomfort in the teeth.
  • A regular cleaning every six months is very essential to maintain the longevity and health of the teeth and gums. This ensures the prevention of serious dental problems and issues in the future.


This is a vital part of general dentistry as there are various reasons for which extraction and subsequent tooth replacement is the only viable option. The various conditions which mandate an immediate extraction are vertical tooth fracture, grossly decayed tooth, highly disfigured or discolored tooth structure. Also in infected deciduous or milk teeth in children where the in grossly decayed teeth there is a high chance of the infection spreading to the underlying permanent tooth bud. This can cause permanent or irreversible damage to the developing permanent tooth.There are certain cases in which intentional extractions are necessary like for creating space in orthodontic cases. This is important in patients with excessive crowding and lack of space due to a small arch. Also in cosmetic cases of smile designing and makeover sometimes extractions are necessary for creating space and aligning the teeth for a perfect smile.

Other than the above there are also some situations like in case of an impacted or infected wisdom molar to third molar. If the wisdom molar erupts in a maligned position or tilted in some abnormal direction it can cause severe pain and discomfort to the patient.

This can quickly become an emergency if not treated in time and can be a very painful situation. At Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental clinic we have senior dentists and a consultant oral surgeon to handle the cases of extraction.

Extractions are always completed in a single sitting under Adequate anaesthesia. This ensures that the patient is comfortable during the procedure. Following this there are certain precautions to be taken to prevent bleeding and discomfort. These are explained in detail and a printed instruction sheet is than handed over to the patient.At the hands of our expert oral surgeon, all extractions are a comfortable ans easy procedure in our clinic.


Dr. Gargi Kandhari

Conservative Dentist and Endodontist, Aesthetic Dentist

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