Implant Cost In Delhi

So the first concern  people have when they are considering an Implant surgery is the pain involved and following that is the costing. In many cases the cost or the pricing can become a deterrent. Although over the years there are many implant systems available in the market which has resulted in making this treatment more economical for the patients.

We at Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental clinic use various implant systems and aim to provide the best available option to our patients. There are many steps involved right from the pre planning and consultation upto giving the final prosthesis which could be a crown, bridge or even a fixed denture. The various factors which affect the costing are the

  1. Number of implants needed.
  2. How extensive the surgery is like whether the patient needs surgical extractions and other complex procedures like bone grafting, sinus lifts, GBR membranes Ect
  3. Type of prosthesis needed in the second stage like a single crown or a bridge or in some cases a fixed full mouth denture.

All the above factors need to be taken into consideration when the planning and costing is being finalised.

At Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental clinic we divide the entire procedure into four main steps:

  1. Consultation and preplanning : Here the entire procedure is explained in detail to the patient along with the time frame involved. Than we go ahead with intraoral and facial photographs followed by impressions.
  2. Scan and planning: The patient is than referred for a CBCT scan of affected area. Than a detailed planning is done with our team of expert surgeons and prosthodontist.
  3. 3D Guide fabrication: In most cases we prefer to do a guided 3D surgery. This is a much less extensive surgery with excellent healing for the patient. This involves fabrication of a computer guided stent which allows us to carry out a very precise procedure.
  4. Surgery: After completion of all the above steps we carry out the actual surgery in a single sitting.
  5. FollowUp: This is usually after 24 hours we recall our patient for a followup and examination of the surgical site.
  6. Prosthetic rehabilitation:The patient is than recalled after 3 to 4 months for the second phase for the final impression and the crown or bridge.

When considering the cost of this treatment there are many things to remember like

  1. An implant is like a lifetime investment in your health. It will last you for a long long time and along with the aesthetics, teeth are vital for chewing and eating.
  2. The experience, effort and the skill of your surgeon doing the surgery.
  3. The sterilisation protocol being followed by the clinic, this is of utmost importance when considering any dental treatment.
  4. Hence, even though the costing or price is important it is not the most important factor to consider because there are many steps and protocols involved in implant surgery and it is of utmost import dance that they are followed to provide the best outcome of treatment.
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Child dentistry or pedodontics is not only a niche specialty but also someone who along with being a good dentist is also good with kids. Children need someone who is not only only knowledgeable but is also extremely patient and gentle. A person the child can trust and is confident to go to.

Once the child developed confidence and starts trusting their dentist, most procedures become easy. A cooperative  child can greatly enhance the quality of the dental treatment in most cases. The most important thing to keep in mind while treating a child is preservation of the natural teeth as far as possible. Preventive dentistry is what ends to be stressed by the dentist to both the patient and the parents.

This includes educating the parents on the importance of

  1. Dietary modifications like limiting the sugar intake in the diet. So why is it important to cut out sweets, chocolates and cakes, why milk should not be given with added sugar or chocolaty powders, why their should contain good sources of calcium, why fibre rich foods are important.


  1. Parafunctional Habits like thumb sucking, pacifier usage beyond one year, nail biting, tongue thrust Ect. These can affect the growth and development of the jaws and the teeth and cause problems at a later stage. If the parents are made aware of this they can be intercepted and stopped at an early age.
  2. Home care regimen and stressing on the importance of regular twice a day brushing and flossing. If a good oral hygiene habits is instilled from an early age it pays off for a long long time.
  3. Regular dental visits : this needs to be stressed on from an early age. If the child visits the dentist routinely every 6 months their fear or anxiety is greatly reduced. So, finally when they need to get a procedure done they are way more comfortable and cooperative.

Along with these the dentist should make sure that the  deciduous or milk teeth are treated and preserved. Although eventually these teeth shed but in the meantime they play a very important role that of preserving the underlying bone and act as a space maintainer for the permanent teeth.

There are many dental materials which are available in the market specifically for pedodontic use and can be very beneficial if used correctly. Also if a child has extensive dental caries and infections, than along with treating the cavities it is important put them on fluoride therapy.

Fluoride is an element that can prevent dental decay and caries along-with strengthening and remineralizing the tooth structure.

So to sum it up a good child dentist should be someone who not only treats the dental issues but is also compassionate and knowledgable and has the patience to help both the child and the parents.

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13 Facts about Invisalign and things to Remember!

invisible braces in delhi

1. Invisalign is an American company that makes clear aligners or invisible braces for correcting malaligned or crooked teeth.

2. This treatment is for everyone, age is not a factor when considering this.

3. It is very comfortable, there are no wires or brackets involved in this.

4. Also, the biggest advantage is that these are removable and can be removed for 4 to 5 hours in a day.

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No More Ugly Braces!

Braces treatment in Delhi

So as a practising dentist in Delhi, I often hear this when I recommend orthodontics correction to my patients. Or even those who come for braces treatment to our clinic in Delhi wanting Orthodontic Therapy or braces often have this dilemma.

“Doctor I want to fix my teeth or correct my smile but Please!! I don’t want those ugly fixed brackets on my teeth”. Over time we get a lot of adult patients who are married or working and want to get their teeth fixed. They are always looking for an aesthetic option, wherein no one is aware that they are undergoing the treatment.

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