Painful RCT

Painful RCT


So I often come across patients petrified of Root Canal Treatment and for this reason they delay it almost indefinitely. In some cases they wait until the is unbearably painful before getting a dental appointment.

This inherent fear makes the whole treatment more challenging and, in some cases, an unpleasant experience for both the patient and the dentist. What is very important is to understand that An RCT can be quite comfortable if cone on time with proper medication and adequate anesthesia.

So, if you have failed to get your filling done for various reasons, please visit your dentist at the earliest before the tooth becomes painful. This is a vital step and should not be delayed.

Then medications like antibiotics and painkillers play an important role especially in case od severe infection. Following this if the tooth is well anesthetized, chances of pain and discomfort become minimal.

The above factors and the skill of your dentist ensures that it is a comfortable experience. What is also very important to understand is that an RCT done well on time can save the natural tooth.

The more you delay the treatment the higher the chances of losing the tooth. It is also very important to give a post endodontic restoration in the form of a crown or bridge in case of missing teeth.

A crown protects the tooth after the RCT ensuring that it does not break or fracture. It also ensures complete functionality of the tooth like eating, chewing etc.

Hence a well done RCT in time can save your tooth with minimal discomfort and pain.




Dr. Gargi Kandhari

Oral Surgeon and Implantologist

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