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Laminates and Veneers


These are thin sheets or layer of tooth colored material which can be cemented on natural tooth surfaces. There are made of very high quality ceramic which is processed in a dental lab by a ceramist. Laminates and veneers are ideal for defective or stained anterior or front teeth. In cases when the stains are intrinsic or within the enamel surface whitening or bleaching does not work.

Other conditions where laminates are indicated are pitted or defective enamel surfaces which causes enamel disfiguration. Various genetic conditions which cause defective enamel formations like whitish patches, soft crumbly enamel surfaces, brownish black discoloration , gnarly pitted surfaces can be corrected with this treatment.

Also in adult patients who want to correct their teeth alignment but do not want to go for fixed orthodontic therapy. Veneers work very well in retruded front teeth or class III profile to bring the teeth forward. Similarly proclined or forward placed teeth with open bite can also be corrected.

The procedure involves minimal reduction of the tooth surface only involving the enamel followed by an accurate chair side impression. This is than sent to the laboratory for processing the veneer.

One of the biggest advantage of this technique is minimal loss of tooth structure as compared to a full cast crown. This preserves the tooth structure and reduces chances of sensitivity and pain due to dentinal exposure. This is a much less invasive technique and can give fabulous results in adult patients looking for a smile makeover or correction. This is a highly technique sensitive procedure which should always be carried out by a dental professional with prior experience.