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Braces and More

Orthodontic correction of teeth is one of the oldest and most popular dental therapies to be carried out. Braces have also evolved from fixed metal braces to transparent removable or rather invisible braces for both adolescents and adults.

Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics is a branch of dentistry that can be broadly classified into, child and adult orthodontics. Thus the correction of dental and facial irregularities i.e. Orthodontia is for all ages.

Orthodontic treatment can be either two-phase or a single phase treatment, depending on the age of the patient. The first orthodontic consultation should be at the age of 7 years for every child, so as to benefit both therapeutically and aesthetically from the two-phase growth modulation/modifying appliances.

What is the two-phase orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment that is divided into interceptive and corrective phase.

Interceptive orthodontics basically, takes advantage of the growth period of a child and helps intercept a full-blown malalignment of the jaws and teeth.

Growth modification (myo-functional) removable devices are used which drastically reduce the duration of fixed braces in the second phase
help to prevent removal of multiple teeth or surgery in later years.

What is one phase orthodontic treatment?

This type of braces treatment is done for patients, in whom the growth period is over. This may or may not require removal of teeth, depending on the individual case.

This can be done with either fixed (metal/ceramic) braces or removable clear aligners (Invisalign).

How will I know if I need braces?

  • Spacing/ gaps in between teeth
  • Crooked/ irregularly aligned teeth
  • Deepbite(lower teeth not visible on smiling)
  • Open bite(gap between upper n lower teeth on biting)
  • Reverse bite (lower teeth ahead of upper teeth)
  • Jaw pain (TemporoMandibular joint disorder)
  • Unpleasant smile
  • If you said a yes to any one of these, see an orthodontist

Types of Braces

  • Metal (Damon SL and Non-SL) Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual/invisible fixed braces
  • Invisalign