Orthodontic Appliances You Must Know About

Orthodontic Appliances

An orthodontist is the Architect of a confident and winning smile!

Orthodontic treatment includes proper alignment of teeth to enhance the appearance as well as functionality. Also, this contributes to overall good oral health. Proper teeth alignment can be achieved using orthodontic appliances. A large number of adults are realising that investing in an orthodontic procedure can reap multiple benefits, socially and professionally. Also, modern orthodontic appliances are hardly noticeable and designed to provide a better choice. Consult Dr. Gargi Kandhari, the Best Orthodontist in Delhi for apt results.

Following are a few orthodontic appliances

    • Traditional Metal Braces – When it comes to braces, the first thing that strikes
      our mind is traditional metal braces. These have metallic brackets with a
      wire running through them.
    • Clear Braces – Clear braces are made up of plastic or ceramic or combination of both.
      Also, people prefer these as metal braces are quite noticeable. These are also much more
      comfortable for the patient.
    • Clear Aligners – These aligners are designed by the specialist with the help of
      computer software to match perfectly with your teeth. With the help of the virtual
      model, clear plastic trays are created and fitted accordingly.
    • Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are strong metal braces placed at the back of the teeth.
      As these braces are on the inner side, they are not visible at all.

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