Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with the surgical repair, replacement and restoration of hard and soft tissues of the mouth and surrounding facial structures.It involves surgical interventions for various conditions like an impacted tooth, trauma or fracture of teeth or jaw bones, cysts, granulomas and tumors.In some cases elective oral surgery is performed for orthodontic purposes where non surgical fixed orthodontics is not sufficient to correct the alignment or malocclusion.We at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic have highly experienced oral surgeons attending to all our surgical cases. Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all our patients at the hands of experts.

We also aim to provide a pain-free surgical experience with minimal downtime and quick healing. The various procedures include:

  1. Extractions and Impactions : An impacted wisdom molar or a third molar is a very common problem. A lot of patients suffer from this problem. The third molar is the last tooth to erupt in the oral cavity, and in some people, they do not come out till much later in life. Hence, these teeth have no space, and they come out in any direction they can find space.This often results in severe pain and discomfort and also swelling in and around the affected area. In some cases, the swelling can extend around the jaws, eyes and down in the neck region. These teeth can also get cavities and infections easily as they are difficult to clean maintain oral hygiene due to their position and alignment.Also, since these are non-functional teeth, in other words, one cannot eat or chew with them. So, at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, our expert oral surgeons believe if the wisdom molar is bothering you and one has had to take medication more than twice, we recommend removing or extracting the tooth.Our expert dental surgeons make sure that the surgery causes the least discomfort and pain to the patient. At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, we follow the highest sterilization standard for every procedure. We also make sure that our patient is well anesthetized and comfortable during the procedure with minimal pain and swelling even after the procedure.
  2. Apicoectomy or Root End Surgery: This is a procedure carried out by both our oral surgeon and Dr. Gargi Kandhari, who is an endodontist and the principal dentist of the clinic. This is a surgical procedure wherein a simple root canal treatment (RCT) is not sufficient to heal an infected tooth. A second surgical step is needed after the RCT .This is generally needed when the dental infection extends beyond the root apex into the surrounding gum tissue and bone. Thereby, causing pain, swelling, and discomfort even after the completion of the RCT.This is also required when there is a cyst, granuloma or an abscess in the region surrounding the root tip. In such cases, the apical region or the root's tip is exposed after completion of the root filling.After this, the root tip is cut from the bottom by just 2 to 3 mm. The surrounding pathology or diseased tissue is removed and cleaned out thoroughly. Then the bottom is burnished and sealed well to prevent any leakage or reinfection.This is a small surgical process that can be completed in a single day, and the tooth can be saved.At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, our expert dentists make sure that the procedure is carried out in a completely safe and sterile environment. Also, we aim to provide a painless and comfortable experience to our patients.
  3. Orthognathic Surgery:  This is also known as corrective jaw surgery, which is a surgery planned to correct the jaw and face conditions related to the structure and development of the bone. This can also correct certain conditions like sleep apnoea and TMJ disorders.Basically, this type of surgery is needed to correct malocclusion cases, which cannot be fixed only with braces. This is recommended once the growth stops, which is 14 to 16 for girls and 17 to 21 for boys.At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, our expert orthodontist works in conjugation with the oral surgeon for such cases.We can achieve amazing results when these two treatments are carried out in conjugation. A thorough treatment planning and execution can result in the correction of most skeletal or bony defects resulting in malocclusions like crowding of teeth, spacing, or forwardly placed teeth. If done by an experienced oral surgeon along with the orthodontic treatment, this can give excellent results. This type of surgical intervention can correct the bite and the facial appearance and smile in a big way.
  4. Treatment of cysts, tumors, granulomas:  Oral screening and checkups are of utmost importance from time to time. We at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic always advise and encourage our patients to come for regular semi-annual checkups.This helps in the assessment of all the teeth and soft tissues. In case there is any kind of swelling or growth, our expert team of dentists makes sure that a thorough examination is done and sent to the laboratory for testing.However, the surgical part, which involves either a biopsy or removal of the cyst-like a mucocele, sebaceous cysts, or tumor, is carried out by our expert oral surgeon.Hence we at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic encourage everyone to consult their dentist on a regular basis, and please do not be scared if you have a wisdom molar that is painful or any kind of suspicious swelling. If checked and assessed on time, it can be treated with the least amount of pain and discomfort.


Dr. Gargi Kandhari

Conservative Dentist and Endodontist, Aesthetic Dentist

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