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Braces treatment in Delhi

So as a practising dentist in Delhi, I often hear this when I recommend orthodontics correction to my patients. Or even those who come for braces treatment to our clinic in Delhi wanting Orthodontic Therapy or braces often have this dilemma.

“Doctor I want to fix my teeth or correct my smile but Please!! I don’t want those ugly fixed brackets on my teeth”. Over time we get a lot of adult patients who are married or working and want to get their teeth fixed. They are always looking for an aesthetic option, wherein no one is aware that they are undergoing the treatment.

There are people working in the media industry, airlines like flight attendants, or those in the fashion industry; for such patients aesthetics is of utmost importance. In such cases with the advancement in dentistry, it is possible to carry out the full treatment very aesthetically.

There are various alternatives available like:

1. Ceramic Braces: In this option the brackets are made out of ceramic which are tooth coloured or white in colour. These merge well with the enamel surface, but the biggest disadvantage is they get discoloured over time. Especially our Indian diet contains curries which have turmeric in it. So, often patients complain of yellowing of the brackets.

2. Self Ligating Brackets: These have become very popular lately due to various reasons. These have been around since a long time, but only lately they are a very frequently asked for option. These are placed much like conventional brackets except they do not need any elastics or rubber bands or any tie wires at all. Also, these brackets are smaller in size as compared to conventional ones.

So, the biggest advantage is that they cause less friction and discomfort and the teeth can move more freely. Also, due to the absence of plastics or bands they are much more aesthetic as compared to metallic or normal ceramic braces. These are available in both metal and ceramic options.

3. Lingual Braces: In this case the brackets are placed on the inner or lingual surface of the teeth. The entire treatment is carried out on the inner surface of the teeth next to the tongue on the lowers. In the uppers they are placed next to the palate. Again the biggest advantage is that it is highly aesthetic, no one other than the patient is aware that the treatment is going on.

The only downside of this method is the patient needs to get used to it. Sometimes the brackets can interfere with the tongue space or speech. But once the patient is adapted to it this is a fabulous option of an aesthetic and effective solution.

4. Clear Aligners: This is the latest innovation in aesthetic orthodontic therapy. This heralds the era of braces which are completely invisible and extremely comfortable for the patient. There are various advantages of this system like:

A) Completely Invisible

B) Very comfortable

C) Removable, so, this can work even for outstation patients or those who need to travel a lot. So, even if the patient is unable to visit his Orthodontist regularly, his treatment can go on.

D) Detailed treatment planning, which gives a very clear idea to the patient of the expected results. The most important aspect of this system is patient compliance. It is of utmost importance for the patient to be regular and wear the aligners for at least 20 hours in a day. If worn regularly and monitored well, the results are as good as fixed braces.

So, if you have been thinking of getting your teeth aligned and are worried about the ugly looking metal braces, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and book that consultation with your Orthodontist for clear aligners treatment in Delhi. We have great looking and highly aesthetic options available nowadays, which do not affect your appearance or sense of aesthetic in any way.

Also with the advent of these options, adult Orthodontics has become a viable option so age is not a bar at all. We now have patients who are married or working – wanting to get orthodontic treatment, and getting very good results.

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