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Having sound oral health at an early age leads to lesser complications in the future! Paediatric dentists play a significant role in maintaining teeth and preventing tooth decay among kids (babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers). Dr. Gargi Kandhari, the best Paediatric Dentist in Delhi, has a well-equipped and very child-friendly clinic. Also, the staff is
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An orthodontist is the Architect of a confident and winning smile! Orthodontic treatment includes proper alignment of teeth to enhance the appearance as well as functionality. Also, this contributes to overall good oral health. Proper teeth alignment can be achieved using orthodontic appliances. A large number of adults are realising that investing in an orthodontic
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So the first concern  people have when they are considering an Implant surgery is the pain involved and following that is the costing. In many cases the cost or the pricing can become a deterrent. Although over the years there are many implant systems available in the market which has resulted in making this treatment
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With changing, times and increased awareness cosmetic dentistry has become an ever-demanding part of any kind of dental treatment. If not every but every second patient wants a good smile along with treating other dental problems. As a dentist practicing in Delhi for many years I often come across people who don’t smile in public
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As parents of young children, we have a lot on our plates from taking care of their physical, social and mental well-being to almost homeschooling them this year. Sadly, in all this we sometimes unknowingly forget about their oral health until the child gets a cavity and complains of pain. So, here are a few
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This is a common question I have faced over the years as a dentist. Young parents often have the following concerns: Should I give a pacifier to my crying child? For how long can my child use the pacifier? Will it affect his/her teeth? Will the affected teeth correct itself? Will it affect the shape of
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Brushing twice a day is the cornerstone of a home care regimen for every individual. It is very important to incorporate this habit in kids from an early age. Parents should encourage their children to start brushing and flossing regularly so that it becomes a part of their daily routine. For some reason, young children
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So as a practising dentist in Delhi, I often hear this when I recommend orthodontics correction to my patients. Or even those who come for braces treatment to our clinic in Delhi wanting Orthodontic Therapy or braces often have this dilemma. “Doctor I want to fix my teeth or correct my smile but Please!! I
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These are five things you can do for yourself that works wonders for your Mouth!!! 1. Brushing twice a day: This is the golden rule of maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing well with the correct brush and a good toothpaste using the correct technique is of utmost importance. A lot of my patients ask me “
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Let’s start with why is it important for your child to visit a dentist at an early age. By early age we mean as soon as the first teeth erupts. Being the most trusted and best dentist in Delhi, Dr. Gargi Kandhari suggests so because it allows the dentist to thoroughly check the development of