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With the festive season round the corner, every house will have an abundance of sweets and chocolates. It is that time of the year when we all love to indulge. This does not mean one needs to suffer from cavities and dental caries. With friends and family around we often don’t realize the amount of
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So, the oral cavity is one of the main gateways for the coronavirus into our body. Also the mouth suffers a lot due to this infection, in fact it is one of the most vulnerable sites. This mainly occurs due to the presence of ACE ( Angiotensine Converting Enzyme) inhibitors and an enzyme called TRPRSS
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So I often come across patients petrified of Root Canal Treatment and for this reason they delay it almost indefinitely. In some cases they wait until the is unbearably painful before getting a dental appointment. This inherent fear makes the whole treatment more challenging and, in some cases, an unpleasant experience for both the patient
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1. Invisalign is an American company that makes clear aligners or invisible braces for correcting malaligned or crooked teeth. 2. This treatment is for everyone, age is not a factor when considering this. 3. It is very comfortable, there are no wires or brackets involved in this. 4. Also, the biggest advantage is that these
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So, I often get this question: do milk teeth or baby teeth get cavities? And do they need any treatment and why do they need to be saved, in any case they will fall? So, the answer to this question is : Yes, they do need to be saved! Milk teeth are very important for
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Child dentistry or pedodontics is not only a niche specialty but also someone who along with being a good dentist is also good with kids. Children need someone who is not only only knowledgeable but is also extremely patient and gentle. A person the child can trust and is confident to go to. Once the
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So, today I wanted to discuss something very pertinent in today’s day and age. We are living in a pandemic, which is something none of us could even fathom until 2019. Then came 2020 and boom!!! The world as we knew came to an end and our lives changed completely beyond recognition. One thing that
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So, I’m starting this year with something that has been very close to my heart and has bothered me since many years. It’s very disappointing for me to hear patients say…..please close this gap between my front teeth or whiten my front teeth or even I want Veneers or Crowns on my front teeth. There
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As my first blog, I felt nothing can be a better topic to start with. As a dentist, this is the most frequently asked question by patients. Firstly what I would like to highlight is that teeth whitening, bleaching or brightening can be done for most patients but not all. There are many different types
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Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders in which either the body does not produce enough sugar controlling hormone or is not able to use the sugar controlling hormone in the body. This leads to high blood glucose or sugar levels. Diabetes and oral health are very closely related and form a vicious cycle.