Brushing can be Fun kids!

Brushing twice a day is the cornerstone of a home care regimen for every individual. It is very important to incorporate this habit in kids from an early age. Parents should encourage their children to start brushing and flossing regularly so that it becomes a part of their daily routine.

For some reason, young children sometimes do not take well to brushing. There could be various reasons for this like: cold water touching their teeth, the taste of the toothpaste or just a matter of getting into a routine.

There are some techniques or methods like:

  1. Music: can play a very important role, children enjoy music especially fun children’s songs and rhymes. Either you could play something for the duration of brushing or make a game wherein the child finishes with the song. There are also certain musical brushes which can play a tune or a song when being used. This can make brushing fun and not smoothing tedious.
  2. Role Play: Children love to copy or emulate their parents. They love doing what adults especially parents are doing. So either a parent or their primary caretaker can also brush with them, which then becomes a fun activity for the kids. This encourages children to fall into a routine of brushing regularly with their parents at the same time.
  3. Give Rewards: Occasionally giving small rewards or a prize works with kids. It is not ideal but in some cases especially with small children, gives them an incentive to do their jobs.
  4. Favourite toy or teddy: Sometimes bringing along the child’s favourite doll or teddy or any other toy along helps. During or after the child has finished brushing they can be encouraged to brush dolly’s teeth. This becomes a fun game for the child and they start looking forward to brushing every day.

With a little innovation and thought, every child can be encouraged into a routine. Once they get used to regular brushing, it no longer is a struggle to get them to do it. Developing good oral hygiene habits from an early age is the cornerstone of a healthy mouth.

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