13 Facts about Invisalign and things to Remember!

invisible braces in delhi

1. Invisalign is an American company that makes clear aligners or invisible braces for correcting malaligned or crooked teeth.

2. This treatment is for everyone, age is not a factor when considering this.

3. It is very comfortable, there are no wires or brackets involved in this.

4. Also, the biggest advantage is that these are removable and can be removed for 4 to 5 hours in a day.

5. So, the patient can eat comfortably and brush well to maintain good oral hygiene.

6. It is highly aesthetic, so suitable for any age group especially for working adults.

7. Since it is almost invisible even media professionals working in front of the camera or for that matter anyone can fix their teeth without anyone noticing.

8. It is a highly effective orthodontic treatment with exceptional results in moderate to severe crowding, spacing of teeth etc.

9. Patient compliance is of utmost importance. One has to wear the aligners for minimum 18 to 20 hours in a day for them to work.

10. The in depth scanning and treatment planning helps in predicting the treatment result right at the beginning. So, patient can see and decide before the starting of the treatment.

11. We have senior Invisalign certified orthodontists who carry out this treatment at both our clinics.

12. It is of utmost importance that only a certified orthodontist carries out this treatment to obtain the best results.

13. The costing of clear aligners is higher than other fixed orthodontic therapies but it is definitely worth it, considering how comfortable, aesthetic and effective the treatment is!

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