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Teeth Cleaning and Polishing


Also known as Oral prophylaxis, every 6 months is very much essential for every individual to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This also prevents gingivitis or swollen and bleeding gums. Lack of cleaning is the root cause of most dental problems, it starts with gingivitis or gingival inflammation which can worsen quickly. In worse case scenarios, it leads to pocket or gap formation between the gums and teeth which can lead to food impaction and halitosis and the further worsening of the situation. This forms a vicious cycle for the health of the teeth and gums. This further leads to periodontitis or inflammation of the periodontal ligaments and gum recession. In this condition, the ligaments which hold the teeth in place get inflamed and thus causes migration of the gum line. This further leads to exposure of the roots of the teeth and sensitivity that is when the patient complains of the pain or stinging sensation on consuming anything hot or cold.

Over time this condition can lead to mobility or movement in the teeth and eventual loss of natural teeth. An infected or swollen gingiva or gums can further lead bone loss and loss of vertical height.

Oral prophylaxis or a professional dental cleaning consists of using an ultrasonic instrument with various tips which vibrate on the teeth surface to dislodge dental stains and calculus or tartar. The use of the small ultrasonic tips allows every surface of every teeth to be cleaned. This is very much essential as our toothbrush at home cannot reach every area in our mouth. Scaling is always varied out with copious amounts of water to flush out all deposits and stains on the teeth. The water flow is also essential for cooling of the instrument.

Air Polishing

This is a simple but highly effective treatment option for cleaning and smoothening the teeth in patients with sensitivity. In this, a stream of air and water jet with fine particles of sodium bicarbonate or glycine is directed on the teeth surface for polishing. It will leave the teeth feeling fresh and smooth and also lighter in color.